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Top 3 Tips For Choosing the Right Skip Bin article image by Easy Skips

Clearing rubbish from your property can be very tedious and time consuming when done the traditional way. Even extra-large garbage bags may not be sufficient to accommodate tree branches, old items or construction debris. What you need is rubbish removal services in the form of skip bins rentals.

If this is your first time using skip bins for waste management and disposal purposes, here are some shopping pointers that you must follow:

  • How to choose the right size for your needs?

The first decision to make when renting out a skip bins is identifying the size that you need. Skip bins for hire come in various sizes ranging from 2 cubic metres up to 9 cubic metres for major garbage or waste removal projects.

It will be undeniably difficult to estimate the exact volume of rubbish that you will be getting rid of. Always make sure to have an allowance when ordering skip bins online. It’s always best to get a skip bin bigger than you actually need to avoid paying for an additional one.

  • What materials are you trying to get rid of?

Once you have determined the size of a mini skip to rent, the next step is to identify the materials that need to be removed from your property. Are you removing old furniture from your home? Are you undertaking home renovations and are mostly throwing away wood or other construction material?

The majority of skip bins for hire companies are specific when it comes to the type of bins that you can hire for certain types of material. Usually, smaller bins can only accommodate regular household waste, and may not be ideal for heavier things such as concrete, wood, and steel. If you’re getting rid of toxic waste, you will need to alert the skip bin company about this. There may be restrictions as to what type of rubbish you can store in their skip bins. They may also recommend specialised skip bins for specific waste items.

  • Where are you placing the skip bin?

It’s best to plan ahead when removing trash from your property. Ideally, you need ample space for a skip bin to facilitate proper waste management and disposal. You cannot park a skip bin along the road or any public property. It’s also recommended to place the skip bin near an entry or exit of your home. This will make moving of trash and other waste materials faster and more efficient.

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