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1. What size skip bins do you supply?

Easy Skips can supply 6 different size skip bins – 2m3, 3m3, 4m3, 5m3, 6m3 and 8m3. Click here for more information.

2. How much notice is required for a booking?

Please book at least one day in advance to guarantee delivery of the skip bin on the date required. Same day delivery and pick up is available, contact us to ensure we can provide this service to you. Order a skip bin online, or you can also phone us during office hours on 0400 354 193.

3. What payment method options are available?

Easy Skips provides several different payment method options.Payment is required on delivery of the bin. We accept cash, which can be given to the driver on delivery of the bin, or Visa and Mastercard payments can be made when the order is made online. Please Note: Credit card payments cannot be made to the driver on delivery of the bin as we do not have the appropriate facilities available in the trucks.

4. What is the level that the skip can be filled to?

All of our skip bins must not be filled over the rim of the bin. This is due to Occupational Health & Safety legislation which requires full skip bins to be covered while in transit.

5. What is the maximum weight limit of the skip bins?

There are no weight limits for our bins. Please make sure that you select the correct waste type (general, quarry or mixed quarry and general, see here) or extra charges will apply. Call us if you need further information on 0400 354 193.

6. Where can the skip bin be placed?

We follow our customer’s requests as to where the skip bin is to be placed on the property – so long as the area is safely accessible for the truck. These areas include driveways, front gardens, backyards and over low fences. Please note, for safety reasons and due to local government regulations, the final placement of the skip bin is at the driver’s discretion. We cannot place skip bins on council property, such as roads, footpaths and verges without council approval. Please contact us if you have any questions about placing bins on council property.

7. What items can’t be placed in a skip bin?

We do not pick up any of the following items:

  • Asbestos
  • Liquid Waste
  • Dangerous Goods

Please see our “Waste Types” page for further information.

8. What items can be placed in a skip bin?

 Please see our “Waste Types” page for further information.

9. How long is the hire period?

The standard hire period seven days. We can also supply a bin for a shorter amount of time. Same day delivery and pick up is available, contact us to ensure we can provide this service to you. Long term skip bin hire is also available at an additional charge. Please contact the office for further information.

10. Can a skip bin be collected earlier than the arranged pick up date?

Yes. If a client fills a bin before originally anticipated, a quick phone call or email to the office is all that is required to arrange a new pick up date.

11. Can a delivery and collection time be arranged when ordering?

Yes. A time for delivery and collection of the skip bin can be arranged when ordering (morning or afternoon). In the event of unforeseen circumstances that may effect delivery and collection of the skip bin, we contact you immediately. We cannot guarantee we will arrive at a specific time, such as 9.30am, but our drivers will endeavour to arrive as close to that time as possible.

12. What happens if a skip bin is over loaded?

 It is illegal for us to transport skip bins that are overloaded or if we cannot securely cover the bin and its content. We ask our customers to not fill the bin beyond the top rim for this purpose. If a skip bin is overloaded or filled over the top rim of the bin, the driver may remove the content and leave it next to the skip, and then remove the bin. If the driver is unable to remove an overloaded skip that is too heavy to lift onto our trucks, our staff will contact the customer to make alternative arrangements. These arrangements may include providing the customer with another skip for the overloaded waste items. Extra charges may apply. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about overloading a skip, we are more than happy help.

13. Is there an additional charge if the skip bin is required for longer?

Yes. Additional charges apply if a skip is required for more than the standard seven day hire period. Extra charges depend on the additional time required and if the bin is needed for another customer. Need a skip bin for longer than seven days? Contact us in advance to make alternative arrangements and reduce extra charges.

14. Do any of your skip bins have a ramp or a door?

 Yes. Drop down doors are available for skip bins 3m3 and above.