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You can cancel or vary the order by providing Easy Skips with notice of the cancellation or variation to the order not less than 24 hours prior to the delivery date. You can call us on telephone, 0400 354 193 or email us at

Please note, if you cancel the order on the same day as the delivery date, a cancellation fee will be $60 will apply.

All transactions and refunds will only be processed in AUD (Australian Dollars)

If you need to change your order (either the date or size of bin), Easy Skips requires at least one day’s notice prior to the original delivery date.

In the event an order is cancelled by Easy Skips, the customer will be entitled to a full refund of any monies paid in respect to the cancelled order.

Easy Skip may cancel can cancel the order if access to the delivery site is restricted or not permitted, the gradient at the site address is dangerous or there are dangerous circumstances including circumstances that could pose work, health and safety issues to persons in the vicinity of the suggested delivery point.

We follow our customer’s requests as to where the skip bin is to be placed on the property – so long as the area is safely accessible for the truck.

These areas include driveways, front gardens, backyards and over low fences.

Please note, due to safety reasons and local government regulations, the final placement of the skip bin is at the driver’s discretion.

We cannot place skip bins on council property, such as roads, footpaths and verges without council approval. Please contact us if you have any questions about placing bins on council property.

Easy Skip is hereby authorised to terminate this Agreement and empty the contents of the Skip Bin on the Site Address at the sole risk of the Customer in the event the Skip Bin contains Prohibited Materials, has materials loaded beyond the height and capacity of the Skip Bin; has materials protruding from the Skip Bin or the Specified Fees have not been paid prior to delivery of the Skip Bin.