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The Basics of Hiring Mini Bins for Rent in Adelaide article image by Easy Skips

Mini bins rental services in Adelaide benefit both homeowners and business owners. Skip bins are essential in waste management as they can store and transport large volumes of rubbish from your property to the nearest dumpsite or waste facility. An Adelaide bin hire service is the perfect rubbish removal solution for activities such as home renovations, general house cleaning, moving, and both minor and major construction projects. As you can see, there is no shortage in the utility of mini skip bins in Adelaide.

What’s important is to identify which mini skip hire perfectly matches your requirements and fits your budget. Getting the right mini skip hire rental in Adelaide will give you the best value for money.

What types of wastes are allowed inside mini skips?

Although the purpose of mini bins is to store rubbish, there are rules to follow when throwing rubbish in them and restrictions on what items can go in a bin.

  • Any biodegradable or putrescible items such as food are not advised to be throw into a mini skip bin, This is especially true if you are planning to park the skip bin at your property for a few days.
  • Hazardous materials such as chemicals and heavy metals should not be thrown in with the normal rubbish. Unless the mini skip hire company has allowed you to throw them in or if they offer skip bins that are specifically meant for hazardous materials, it is best that you call another waste management service to tackle this problem.
  • Bulky items such as tyres and old mattresses should be disposed separately. As these items require further processing, you need to call a waste management company that specialises in their transport and disposal to processing facilities.

How long can an Adelaide bin hire rental stay in your property?

The duration of rental will depend on the extent of your rubbish removal activities. Whilst some may only require skip bin for a day, major construction projects may require you to get skip bin rentals for a few days to a few weeks. To save money, we highly recommend planning ahead and organizing your garbage removal efforts to minimise your need for skip bin hire.

By clicking here, you will be given a preview of the different types of skip bin sizes we offer. For any enquiries, you may call us on our hotline at 08 8325 3033.