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Skip Bins Adelaide for Hire Customer FAQs article image by Easy Skips

Are you thinking of hiring skip bins in Adelaide? If this is your first time renting a skip bin, consider these points before calling the first Adelaide mini bins company that you see online.

  • What type of rubbish can you put in a skip bin?

Rubbish skips are designed to store general types of waste. This means that customers cannot dispose of hazardous materials using waste bins. Examples of hazardous items that cannot be put in waste bins available for rental in Adelaide are asbestos, fluorescent bulbs, gas containers, computer and television monitors, paints and chemicals.

Hazardous chemicals should be disposed separately from general types of waste. You should contact the city council or ask for referrals from your chosen skip bin company.

  • For what period should I hire a skip bin from an Adelaide rental company?

The duration of renting skip bins will depend on the quantity of waste and the purpose for hiring a bin. For instance, if you are simply throwing out general types of waste such as old clothes, shoes, and furniture at home, you may only need a day to complete the project.

On the other hand, if a construction or home renovation project is underway, you may need to keep the Adelaide mini bins in your property for a few days.

Remember that more days mean that you will pay more to hire the skip bins. If you want to save money, we highly suggest that you create a plan on how you can dispose of garbage in a swift and efficient manner. Make sure to inform your skip bins rental company on when the bins need to be picked up from your property to avoid extra charges or late fees.

  • Do I need a permit before I can hire skip bins in Adelaide?

You will need to obtain a permit from the Adelaide City Councils City Works Department for you to gain permission to place rented mini bins on properties or spaces considered as council land. For instance, if you decide on placing your skip bins along the footpath, you will need to follow all the rules outlined under the City Works Guideline Booklet. You can apply for a permit online and it will be issued two days after application. Make sure to have the permit before contacting a rubbish skips rental company in Adelaide.

To know more about guidelines on how to rent rubbish skips and to check out available skip bin sizes, click here. For enquiries, contact us at 08 8325 3033.