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Skip Bin Hire Adelaide Guide- What is the best skip for your home project? article image by Easy Skips

Homeowners who are looking to rent skip bins in Adelaide first need to identify the right size for their project. Trash bins for hire come in many sizes ranging from small 2 cubic feet skips for small-scale trash removals to 9 cubic meter skip bins that are ideal for major home renovations. The variation in size also means that bigger skip bins for hire are more expensive to rent that the smaller ones. With this in mind, finding the right skip bin size will offer you savings that you thought you never wanted.

What are the types of materials are to be disposed of?

The type and size of the skip bin will largely rely on the contents. By rule, all skip bins operators in Adelaide are prohibited from storing chemical wastes and other toxic materials. With that said, you need to inform the bin hire company of the intended contents so they can rent you the right skip for the job or refer you to a waste disposal company that specialises in toxic waste disposal.

Some of the most common materials that are allowed to be stored in a skip bin are as follows:

  • Green refuse such as leaves, wood, and soil
  • Bricks, concrete, and other similar materials
  • Sand
  • Old furniture
  • Tiles and glass

Items that are not allowed to be stored in a skip bin are:

  • Chemical wastes
  • Asbestos and other dangerous compounds
  • Old insulation materials
  • Food items and liquids

How much waste are you planning to get rid of?

The amount of waste estimated to be hauled into the bin will be an important factor when choosing a skip bin rental company in Adelaide. The size of the skip will depend on how large a project you are undertaking at home. If you’re simply getting rid of small to medium-sized items in your garage or attic, small skip bins are ideal. However, if you are disposing large parts such as timber, wood, and construction materials during a renovation, medium to large skip bins are ideal.

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