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Image of Considering Mini Skip Hire in Adelaide by Easy Skips

Hiring a skip bin

Are you thinking about getting rid of some rubbish? Should you call a mini bin hire company in Adelaide? These bins are a great and cost-effective solution for times when you need extra storage space for all the rubbish that you’re looking to throw out. However this begs the question – where is the best place to get mini bin hire in the Southern suburbs?

Mini hire in Adelaide

The skip bins that you’ll be renting are a lot similar to one’s used by the public rubbish disposal units and works the same way – these bins are dropped on the block and collected on a weekly basis. Of course there is one major difference when you’re hiring a mini bin in Adelaide and that is the fact that the delivery and collection of these bins are going to be for your own private use.

Now some people may be quick to dismiss the price of mini bin hire as an unnecessary cost. However if you’ve ever had to deal with a ton of rubbish in the past (perhaps while moving out or as a part of home renovation project), you’d know that its not as easy as most people think. Some rubbish is just too big for your regular trash bin and leaving it to pile up in and around your property just makes you seem inconsiderate not to mention a potential health hazard as you risk attracting all sort of pests in the area. Sure you can take your trash away yourself but think of the time and money that’s going to cost you.

You can expect rubbish removal services to deliver your mini skip to a location of your choosing. Take note that you’ll need a permit to set your bin on the footpath right outside your home which could take you a few days to secure so plan this ahead with your service provider. Skip bins are also available in various sizes from 2 cubic meters to as much as 8 cubic meters in volume; so make sure that you size them correctly according to your needs.

Now after you’ve filled your bin with all your rubbish, you can expect your service provider to get back to you and take away the bin along with all your rubbish. They undertake the task of sorting your rubbish and directing the rubbish tip directly. How convenient is that?

Of course there are a few things that you need to know about the services handed to you by a mini bin hirer. Firstly, they have rules about certain types of waste that you can put into the bin. Dangerous materials and substances such as asbestos and battery acids are generally not accepted and require specialised waste containers to facilitate proper disposal. Hence you might want to clear these items with your service provider well beforehand.

Are you looking for some of the best deals on hiring a skip bin in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide? You can expect nothing less out of Easy Skips! Call us today on (08) 8325 3033 and speak with the experts in hiring a mini bin in Adelaide.