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Must-ask Questions for a Bin Hire in South Australia image by Easy Skips

Interested in mini bins for hire?

Are you looking to do a bin hire in South Australia but don’t know where to start? What are some of the things that you need to know about hiring such a service? These are perfectly good questions and are well worth looking into especially if you’ve never had to rent a skip bin before. Most people think that its all about renting a really large trash bin when you’re actually getting so much more than that.

Where to get a bin hire in Adelaide?

Now the easiest way to do a bin hire in Adelaide is to look up such services online. It’s convenient and reputable companies such as our very own Easy Skips will have a website that provides you with information on the services that they offer. Having said that, you do have to be mindful about which company you go with. Some service providers offer better better deals for hiring skip bins in the Southern Suburbs. The task of figuring out which mini bins for hire are a perfect fit for your needs is completely up to you. You can start by making sure that you ask your bin hire company the following questions:

What bins do they have for hire?

You might think that skip bins are all practically the same and that you can put any kind of rubbish in them which simply isn’t true. There are different types of skip bins available in the market and each one is designed to hold certain type of waste materials. For example, you are not allowed to put waste construction materials on a skip bin intended for general household waste. The same goes for asbestos and other harmful chemicals which requires a specialised type of skip bin for safe transport. Make sure that the company you are hiring for a bin hire in South Australia can provide you with the right kind of bin by describing you usage requirements before having your skip bin delivered on-site.

What size of skip bins do they have for hire?

Just as important as getting the right type of mini bin, you also need to size your usage requirements correctly. A reputable bin hire company ought to be able to help you get an estimate and ensure that you have ample storage space for everything that you’re looking to throw out. Of course prices do vary depending on the size of the bin and though it might be tempting to opt for a smaller sized one, you need to keep in mind that you are not allowed to overload your mini bin or your service provider may refuse to collect it due to safety concerns.

What to expect in terms of delivery and collection?

It’s important to be on the same page with your service provider when it comes to their delivery and collection services. Make sure that you brief your company about where you want your skip bin set up and whether its something that the company can arrange. In most cases, your bin hire company would happily oblige to your delivery instructions so long as there is sufficient space and that it does not present a danger to other people in the community.

So there you have it – a few questions that you ought to ask your service provider in order to rent the perfect mini bin for your waste management needs! Looking to get started? Call Easy Skips today on (08) 8325 3033 and check out some of the best deals for a bin hire in South Australia!

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