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How to Choose a Mini Bins for Hire Company in the Southern Suburbs article image by Easy Skips

If your home is undergoing renovation or you’re a contractor about to launch a demolition job, bear in mind that such activities require skip bins for proper waste storage, transportation, and disposal. Renting from a reliable and efficient rubbish skip bin company is integral to ensure compliance with existing South Australia waste management rules.

If this is your first time shopping for skip bins, here are important pointers that you need to remember and follow:


It’s hard to come by a waste management company that can deliver an efficient and affordable service to clients. The organisation, storage, and transportation of waste is complicated. Entrusting these activities to experts will ensure that your house, office, or commercial setting is rubbish free as soon as possible.

  • Wide selection of skip bins for hire in Adelaide

Waste storage and removal come in different sizes. Whilst some homeowners may only need mini bins to get rid of small amounts of debris, there are also situations where medium to large skip bins are needed to store and transport large amounts of liquid and solid wastes.

Choose to rent rubbish bins from a company with an extensive fleet of rubbish containers. Typically, local Adelaide companies offer them at cheaper prices, compared to renting from more popular skip bin for hire agencies.

  • Assess customer service capabilities

Companies that offer rubbish skips for hire in Adelaide should not only be limited to delivering skip bins and mini bins to the doorstep of clients. A reliable waste management company should be able to help secure paperwork and permits from your local council. Permits are necessary before skip bins are allowed to park on your property on both a short-term and long-term basis.

Prompt delivery of skip bins are also important especially if you are trying to dispose of liquid wastes or those that are required to be removed from your property immediately. Consequently, fast pickup is an important requirement for clients to check.

We are a waste management company offering skip bins for hire in Adelaide and other parts of South Australia. We are known for our expert waste management and removal services. Call us at (08) 8325 3033 to request a quote or click her to check out our fleet of skip bins for hire.