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Easy Steps to Enjoy the Benefits of Mini Skip Hire in Adelaide article image by Easy Skips

Are you all stressed out because of the renovation project that’s going on at home? To make things worse, are you worried how you would dispose all of the waste, debris and clutter that the project produced? Do not fret because there are local businesses within Adelaide that have the solution you are looking for..

Getting waste bins in Adelaide

The perfect solution to your waste problem is to hire a bin. Availing budget bins in Adelaide is as easy as 1-2-3, and you won’t have any hiccups in the process as long as you know what you’re looking for.

Type of Garbage

There are several types of garbage and generally speaking you should be aware of these. However, because you are hiring rubbish skips in Adelaide, you should know that each skip is specially designed to handle a particular type of waste.

There are several types of waste:

  • General Waste – this includes furniture, boxes, wood, electrical appliances, clothes, toys and similar items that are usually small
  • Quarry Waste – as the name suggests this type of garbage includes concrete, bricks, debris, rocks and soil
  • Mixed Waste – mixed waste is a combination of general and quarry waste

Size of Bin

Now that you are aware of the types of garbage, you should be acquainted with the different sizes of bins. Depending on the service provider you would contact, sizes often range from two cubic metres up to eight cubic metres. Usually, the smaller bins are useful for general cleaning projects, cleaning closets and attics, etc. Larger bins are usually used for construction, renovation, and disposal of bulky furniture and appliances.

These are just two of the main considerations when looking for mini skip bins in Adelaide. In case you are searching for the best mini skip hire prices, you may want to check out Easy Skips.

For the past several years, this local service provider in Adelaide has serviced thousands of households who needed hire bins. With its reputation in the industry, Easy Skips can deliver the personalised experience you would like when it comes to garbage disposal. If you have some questions or inquiries about garbage types, bin types, etc. contact Easy Skips on (08) 8325 3033, or send them an email at