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Mini Bins in Adelaide image by Easy Skips

You decided to renovate your home so it feels and looks just like new. You asked for a reputable business in your neighborhood to provide a rubbish skip bin for your project. You started working. You were surprised when the company picked it up even though you haven’t filled it up yet. You complain, and then more conflicts arise.

This is a simple problem of miscommunication. Getting mini bins for your home renovation project is a brilliant idea, but it does not end there right away. There are still things you need to remember.

First, you have to talk with the local company how big your skip bin hire in Adelaide would be. Depending on the business, there are size options for 2 cubic metres up to 12 cubic metres and each one costs differently.

If you don’t think you can fill a 12-cubic metre bin, then order smaller mini skips in the southern suburbs. That way, you can save on costs.

Second, remember that there is a time limit for your cheap skip hire or rental. The usual duration is the standard 7-day period. After that, the skip bin company will pick up the bin and transport it.


Depending on the business you will work with, they may require additional charges for longer rental times.

Third, make sure you do not fill the Adelaide skip bin over its rim because the company would not be able to close it tightly. This will be a violation to the Occupational Health & Safety law that prohibits open bins while in transit.

Fourth, remember that there are materials and rubbish that are prohibited from being placed in bins. These materials include asbestos, liquid waste products and dangerous goods and substances.

Seek the Services of a Bin Hire Company Today

Now that you are already aware of some points when using your hired skip bins, it is now time to look for a trusted local business in South Australia. Easy Skips is one of the reputable businesses in the region that provides high quality skips for your rubbish removal needs.
Aside from skip hire, Easy Skips also offers other services. If you want to know more about these services, just call (08) 8325 3033, or send them an email to to get a quote based on the bin dimensions you need, and how soon you need them.

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