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Adelaide Bin Hire Rental Services – Checklist for Beginners article image by Easy Skips

Are you thinking of hiring a skip bin company in Adelaide? Before you pick up the phone, here are a few things which need your serious consideration. This checklist will help you narrow down your choices for the most efficient bin hire rental services company operating in South Australia.

How much is your budget for skip bin hire?

Skip bin hire rental services in Adelaide range from very cheap to very expensive. We don’t recommend that you pick the cheapest one nor do we advise you to splurge on the most expensive bin hire company in South Australia.

Your garbage disposal requirements will help you assess which type of bin hire services in Adelaide you need. Your budget should not be too limited so you end up doing the work yourself and using your own transportation, ultimately losing you money and time.

Skip placement and location

Mini skip bin hire containers in Adelaide are strategically positioned on or off the road, depending on existing parking regulations. If you are going to place it on your property, make sure there is enough space for the truck to deliver and pick up the skip easily.

The type of wastes you intend to throw out

In general, skip bins are containers designed to accommodate big and bulk garbage items. They were not designed to store or carry out hazardous chemicals. There is a separate type of disposal service that you need to call if you plan on removing dangerous materials from your property.

The duration of skip bin hire services in Adelaide

Bin hire companies in South Australia will ask you how long do you need the mini skip bin for hire on your property. For small, clean up projects, a day is more than enough. But if you are undergoing a massive renovation or construction project, you may need to obtain bin hire services for a few days to several weeks.

Perks from mini skip bin hire companies in Adelaide

If the skip bin will be on your property for a number of days, remember that you need to cover the bin at the end of each day. If the bin you hire is left on the road or on a public highway, it is a requirement to keep it covered so that no garbage is spilled on the road. In addition, covering your skip bin will discourage passers by and neighbors from disposing their garbage on your leased skip. Find a company that provides covers or tarps with their skips. This will simplify your life since you don’t need to buy the covers separately.

Understanding your needs will help you arrive at a wise and informed decision when hiring skip bins. Use this checklist every time you need to rent out one here in Adelaide, so you always make the right choice. For more information about bin hire services, just call Easy Skips on (08) 8325 3033, or use the online ordering form here.