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Hiring rubbish skips in Adelaide is a cost-effective, sensible, and convenient way to deal with household rubbish, debris, garden waste, and construction materials. To get the most value for your money, it is important to find a waste bins Adelaide service provider that is committed to meet the needs of customers but also follow the regulations imposed the local council, too. 

Before you hire a skip as a solution to solve the rubbish problems at home, you need to understand that Adelaide mini skip for hire providers enforce limitations as to what items can be loaded into their skip bins. Regardless of skip bin size, a mini bin should only contain general waste materials. This means that there are certain things that are not allowed to be put in a skip altogether. 

The restriction on items that can be loaded into bins are enforced to comply with health and safety regulations that are set by the council.  Also, limitations are also importance as it safeguards the health of the community. For instance, limiting the items to general waste prevents the spread of hazardous materials and subsequent dangers. Lastly, restrictions are to be followed as one aim of skip bin for hire in Adelaide is to protect the environment from dangerous chemicals may wreak havoc to the citizenry. 

Here is the list of items that may not be loaded in skip bin hire:

  • Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury that can contaminate soil and water. 
  • Batteries contain dangerous chemicals such as lead. 
  • Electrical items and appliances such as electric stove, freezer, dishwasher, computer, and television. 
  • Tyres and other items that are made from rubber.
  • Medical waste such as needles and biological waste are considered a hazard for skip operators. 
  • Petrol, solvent, and paint are considered hazardous items, too. 
  • Asbestos or construction materials that contain asbestos need to be disposed of properly as exposure can result in cancer. 

To learn about the other items that are not to be put in skip bins, call us today on 08 8325 3033.