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Skip bins play a crucial role in keeping residential and commercial properties in South Australia clean and organised. Mini skip hire is a convenient way of removing waste during home renovation projects, as this service collects, disposes, and even recycle general waste products. When did skip bin hire started and how did it become a popular waste removal service among residential owners?

This article will deliver more knowledge about mini skips services in Adelaide.

  • Where did the word “skip” originate?

Have you ever wondered where the word “skip” comes from? According to pioneers in the industry, skip comes from the word “skep” which is the Old English word for Basket. In essence, a skip bin is a large basket where waste materials are collected and stored before they are carried to the disposal site. Over time, the word, “skep” evolved into the skip. Changes in dialect and mispronunciation across different regions or countries transformed the word to what it is called today.

Skip bin hires started in England and was originally popular in the mining and construction industries. The skips were then transported to dumping sites with the help of horse-drawn lorries and carts that were large enough to accommodate high volumes of waste at long distances.

The modern mini skips in Adelaide originated in Germany and became a popular service in England in the 1960s. The demand for residential mini skips was inspired by the rise in popularity of interior design and do-it-yourself home projects. Today, mini skips are a consistently growing industry not only in South Australia but across the entire country due to its efficiency in rubbish from homes, construction sites, and commercial spaces.

How much does skip bin hire cost in Adelaide?

Skip bin hire services were highly affordable when it was first introduced in England. Due to inflation among many other factors, the cost of mini bin hire has dramatically increased through the years.

In Adelaide, the average cost of mini bin hire is at $200 for a 4m3 skip with a weight limit of 0.8 tonnes of general waste only. The duration also contributes to the final cost of hiring a skip bin from a provider. The usual duration of rental is a few days up to 1 week. Larger skip bins for hire cost higher with weight restriction ranging from 1.5 tonnes for 6m3 skip hire rental to 2.5 tonnes for big skips between 8m3 and 9m3 sizes.