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The Most Common Questions About Bin Hire Services in Adelaide article image by Easy Skips

Hiring rubbish bins can be quite a challenge for those who have not done it before. Many bins for hire companies assume that all customers are knowledgeable about the process of hiring bins and other matters surrounding it. In order to avoid confusion or problems when hiring bins, here are some answers to questions that first-time clients frequently ask. 

How much will skip hire cost me in Adelaide?

There is no standard pricing on waste bin hire in Adelaide. The rates typically depend on various factors including the size, duration, and other added services that clients may request to skip bin hire companies

To get accurate skip bin hire prices, it is best to request for a quote from multiple mini skip companies in Adelaide. One thing that you need to remember when hiring skip bins in Adelaide is that it can be very expensive if you don’t know the right size to get. In general, hiring large waste bins are more economical if you have large volumes of waste to get rid of from your home. Some companies also offer discounts to first-time clients, so do make sure to reach out to waste bin hire companies before setting a budget for your next waste removal project at home. 

Do skip bin hire prices come with labour?

Hire a skip companies only offer the transportation, rental, and pick-up of waste bins. This means that labour is not included as part of their services. You may obtain the services of professionals who specialise in residential and commercial clean-ups to assist you in loading wastes in the bins. 

How long can I keep the waste bin in my property before collection?

The duration or rental period will largely depend on your requirements. You can rent a skip for a day or more and this will all depend on the extent of clean-up activities at home. Some skip companies will allow clients to keep their bins for up to 2 weeks, while some may allow only 1 week of rental. 

Bear in mind that hiring a skip for more than a day will be expensive. We highly recommend that you to organise your clean-up so you can load all the rubbish in one day. 

To learn more about our waste bins for hire in Adelaide, feel free to reach us on 0400 354 193 today.