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How to Prevent Unauthorised Bin Hire Usage in your Adelaide Home article image by Easy Skips

When you place a mini skip on your property, there is a chance that other people might take advantage and load their rubbish when you aren’t looking. Unauthorised loading of rubbish is uncommon, but this can happen to you. And why must you take the necessary measures to avoid this incident? For the simple reason that you might not have enough space to load your waste. You will end up obtaining another bin for hire, or worse throw out your rubbish the traditional way.

To ensure that neighbours are not tempted to dump their waste in your skip bins, here are things that you should do.

  • Place the rubbish bin well within your private property

If you have a fence or a gate, it becomes difficult for other people to trespass and dump their rubbish in your skip. Secure a permit from the city council so you can temporarily install bins in your driveway or backyard. Instead of placing the skip in a common area, such as in the street or the curb, it’s best to secure them inside your property.

  • Use a skip cover

If you are unable to place the skip inside your private property, the next best thing is to purchase or rent a skip cover. A skip cover is a waterproof tarp or material that can be placed over the skip. It is used to prevent water from filling the skip during rainy days as well as to prevent other people from using your skip hire for their waste disposal.

  • Activate motion sensor lights on your property

Most unauthorised skip usage happens late at night or early in the morning. Motion sensor lights are effective deterrents as it will signal you if somebody is in your property. You can catch them in the act of unauthorised dumping of rubbish in your skip. This extra measure is not only relevant when you have skip bin hires at home, but is also a crucial security system to prevent burglaries.

To find more information about how you can protect your skip from unauthorised usage of other people, give us a call now and we will be more than happy to answer your enquiries. You may contact us on 0400 354 193 today.