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Dangerous Chemicals that Cannot Go in Skip Bins Adelaide article image by Easy Skips

Hiring a waste bin company in Adelaide is the most effective method of waste disposal because homeowners can place different types of wastes inside. But did you know that there is also rubbish that is prohibited to be disposed of in skips? All rubbish skip companies in Adelaide follow strict rules when it comes to the type of items that are allowed and banned from being disposed of in skip bins.

In this article, we will provide information about hazardous chemicals that are banned from skip bins.

  •     Mercury

Objects that contain mercury are not allowed in skip bins. For instance, light bulbs and batteries contain trace amounts of mercury. Although light bulbs are made from glass- a recyclable material, these items cannot be loaded due to their mercury content.

  •     Lead

Batteries contain different chemicals which make them do their job efficiently. However, once their power runs out, the chemicals inside can be toxic especially when it is disposed of improperly. Lead is a common substance found in batteries along with zinc, copper, and mercury. Lead is not only hazardous to humans but to the environment, too. Proper disposal of objects that contain lead should be a priority to avoid the leakage of dangerous chemicals into the soil and water supply.

  •     Paints and Solvents

Waste bins Adelaide companies prohibit the disposal of paints and solvents using skips. This is mainly because there are certain chemicals in solvents and paints that require special handling for proper disposal. Also, paints and solvents and contain ethanol, a highly-combustible chemical that can result in chemical burns in exposed skin.

Before securing a quote for our mini skips for hire services, we highly advise that you contact us if you have concerns about the type of wastes that you can load in skip bins. You can reach us on 0400 354 193 today.