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Whether you are in the process of spring cleaning or renovating your home, you can optimise mini bin rental by learning how to safely and properly load waste. 

In this guide, we will enumerate some useful tips of proper loading to ensure that you get the most of your Adelaide skip bin hire

  • Choose the right size skip 

Be realistic when choosing a skip for home waste clearing projects. You may be tempted to hire the smallest skip but underestimating the amount of rubbish generated from a residential waste removal activity may actually cost you more. Hiring a skip that is too small may run you a few hundred dollars for a second skip hire. 

Always seek the recommendation of experts before deciding on which skip to hire. Call your preferred Adelaide skip bin hire company and request a quote based on your personal requirements. 

  • Practice right posture when loading waste onto skip bins

Always implement proper body mechanics when loading heavy boxes of rubbish or wastes onto the skip. Follow correct lifting guidelines so you can be more efficient and speedier in loading the skip altogether. 

  • Set aside forbidden materials that require a separate method of disposal

Skip bin hires can only accommodate general waste items. Companies will provide you with a list of items that cannot be loaded onto their skips. Examples of forbidden items include chemicals, highly-flammable items, batteries, sharp items, and petrol among many others. 

  • Place the rubbish closer to the skip bin hire

If you have enough space within your property, it is ideal to position all wastes in an area where you intend to park the skip bin. This strategy will make it easier to load all waste so you can fill the skip at a faster rate.

If you want to request a quote for cheap skip bin hire services in Adelaide or if you wish to read about more loading tips, call our direct line on 0400 354 193 today.